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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 17 - 26 nov 2014
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali

International info

t-Forum 2015: tourism in action


The Conference co-organised and supported by Cnr-Irat will be held in Naples on May 4 - 7 May 2015. It is addressed to entrepreneurs, professionals, firms, institutions and agencies involved in the creation of knowledge in this field

di Cecilia Migali

Italy-China: a partnership for cultural heritage


The agreement signed between Cnr and Cach aims at strengthening cooperation between researchers in the fields of mutual interest

di Cecilia Migali

The Italian paradox


Statistics on scientific research in Italy reveal a striking contradiction. While the country's R&D resources significantly lag behind those of other major economies, its output, in terms of scientific publications, is not only one of the most prolific in the world, but also highly recognized in several fields. We publish here part of an article appeared in Cnrs web-magazine

di Jason Brown

The answer is blowing in the intergalactic wind


Astronomers have found the first direct evidence for galaxies being stripped of star-forming gas. The observations, illustrated in 'Astrophysical Journal', could explain why some galaxies in clusters have so few young stars compared to others

di Cecilia Migali