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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 2 - 30 gen 2013
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali

International info

Graphene appointed an Eu technology flagship 


The European Commission has chosen graphene as one of Europe's first 10-year, 1,000 million euro Fet flagships. The mission of graphene is to take graphene and related layered materials from academic laboratories to society, revolutionize multiple industries and create economic growth and new jobs in Europe. Cnr is one of the key players of this ambitious project

di Cecilia Migali

A meeting for maritime safety and security


Organized by Cnr-Isgi the University of Tromsø and the Research Council of Norway, the open workshop 'Arctic shipping: navigation through challenging waters' has focused on individuation of safety and environmental standards for international shipping and navigation in the Arctic


di Cecilia Migali

'Quadruple helix' Dna discovered in human cells


The discovery, published in 'Nature Chemistry', opens up possibilities for a new generation of targeted therapies for cancer

di Cecilia Migali

'A world of science' shines spotlight on water politics


We publish here a summary of the January issue of the Unesco journal. The lead story discussing is 'water politics' - and launches the 'International year of water cooperation'

di Cecilia Migali

Social sciences and humanities in Horizon 2020


With the future Eu budget for research still under negotiation, Science Europe has released a Position Statement with recommendations on the importance of the appropriate inclusion of social sciences and humanities within Horizon 2020, the dedicated research and innovation programme

di Cecilia Migali