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N. 7 - 16 giu 2010
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Symposium on micro electro-mechanical system  

'Memswave  2010' is an international event to be held in Otranto Italy, on 28 June-1 July 2010, partly in conjunction with the first edition of Mems in Italy (30 June-1 July 2010).
The series of Memswave international workshops started in 2000 in Sinaia (Romania) and then, since 2004, was promoted by Amicom, the network of excellence on Rf-Mems and Rf-Microsystems (Mst), funded by the Ec within the 6 Fp. The Memswave symposium is now sponsored by the Rf Mems topical group of the European microwave association (Euma), and includes: The Memswave worskhop (29-30 June 2010), where invited and peer-reviewed papers will be presented to provide an international forum for scientists and industrialists for the exchange of information on the most recent advances and best achievements in the area of Rf Mems and Msts with emphasis on European activities. Following the progresses enabled by the technological achievement in nanoscale fabrication, this year event welcomes contributions in the area of RF nano electromechanical systems. The second day will be focused on Italian activities in the area of Mems and will be held in conjunction with the workshop Mems in Italy.

This second event will join, for the first time, the Italian scientific community working in the field of Mems and related topics and therefore to set up an effective moment for discussing, providing an opportunity for comparing and verifying the ongoing activities, at both National and International level, looking also at future strategies for the development of policy plans for the implementation of strategic programs in Mems field.
In Italy, beside the high level competences distributed on the whole national network, the activities in Mems area are still too much fragmented. Then suitable coordination actions need to be implemented in order to create the critical mass and provide the suitable instruments, both scientific and politics, in order to deal with in the more appropriate way the related problems, with particular reference towards new technologies, new devices and new market opportunities.
'Mems in Italy' is therefore carried out as an inter- and multidisciplinary forum:  experts on physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, materials science will confront each other in order to provide a clear and complete framework on the available opportunities and abilities in Italy in different technological-scientific fields, not only referred to the academic world and public research but first of all to the contents related to the industrial world and the public-private relationship.



Fonte: Pietro Siciliano, Istituto per la microelettronica e microsistemi, Lecce, tel. 39 0832 422500, email pietro.siciliano@le.imm.cnr.it

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