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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 12 - 30 lug 2014
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Cnr-Sabic: collaborations at full speed

Further advancement of the strategic collaboration between National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic) has taken place in recent months. Following the signing of the research agreement between the two entities in 2012, researchers and scientists from Cnr and Sabic worked on defining areas of focus where they would invest major efforts towards development of ideas and driving such ideas to the market.

Two major projects are progressing at full speed between the Sabic Corporate Research and Innovation center at Kaust and the Cnr-Department of Chemical Sciences & Materials Technology (Dsctm) through two of its leading institutes in Northern and Southern Italy.

At the Cnr-Isof in Bologna, researchers are interacting at regular basis defining technical challenges at the nano-level in the field of materials. Applications and disruptive solutions are being sought, where a true partnership can be seen between the institute members and their industrial counterparts. In such project, Sabic sees a true collaboration where its materials scientists and engineers are providing the know-how and expertise in the field of polymers, while Cnr researchers incorporate unique nano-materials within such matrix for applications in the fields of electronics and sensors.

Not too far south, in Rende (Calabria), another group of scientists at Cnr-Itm, along with collaborators from Cnr-Ipcb in Napoli, are involved in a new project that was recently launched in collaboration with Sabic in the field of separations. Sabic engineers and scientists interact on regular basis with data and information that guide the design of the best novel gas separation solutions to reduce the chemical industry reliance on highly energy-intensive operations.

In addition, a Cnr-Ipcf group in Pisa has started a recent collaboration project with Sabic in the field of surface chemistry. This project was the outcome of Sabic Innovation Challenge where the Pisa team was a recipient of an award for addressing the responsive materials challenge set out by Sabic in 2013.

As a result of this new collaboration, Sabic and Cnr-Ipcf in Pisa started an effort for smart materials that can respond to environmental stimuli and allows for retention of critical surface properties in a wide range of applications in the energy and appliances segments.

“The Cnr-Sabic collaboration helps us to explore new areas of research and to consolidate achievements in our research institutes. The three projects, which are coordinated by Cnr-Dsctm, underpin this cooperation promoting the exchange of skills and knowledge among our researchers and help us to develop key enabling technologies with greater awareness and competitiveness. The key enabling technologies represent a real opportunity for the advancement of science, the dissemination of innovation and economic growth”, said Luigi Nicolais, Cnr president.

“Sabic commitment to innovate as a true partner with leading research institutes and universities around the globe is clearly demonstrated in the three projects presently active in collaboration with Cnr. Sabic approach for collaboration means a true exchange of knowledge and expertise among our scientists. Cnr vast technical and geographical footprint with technical institutes across Italy provided us with opportunity to focus the efforts on topics of significant interest to our company”, said Ernesto Occhiello, Sabic Technology and Innovation executive vice president.