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N. 17 - 26 ott 2011
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


2010: a successful year for Share

The Share (Stations at High Altitude for Research on Environment) Ev-K2-Cnr project aims at contributing to the study of climate change and its related in mountain regions, providing information on atmospheric composition and meteorology, glaciology, hydrology and limnology, geophysics, natural resource and environmental medicine. The elements acquired by Share represent a scientific basis for implementing effective adaptation activities in mountain areas.

The project, originally operating in the Asiatic Himalayan-Karakorum regions, has expanded its activities in Africa (Rwenzori Mountains) and Europe (Alps and Apennines), and more recently to South America (Cordillera Real).

In 2010 the Share project has been included in the Mountain Initiative for Climate Change (Micc), promoted by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Environment and by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Icimod). Furthermore new agreements were signed between Ev-K2-Cnr and several Italian and international instituiotions.

In particular, during the International Year of Biodiversity promoted in the 2010 by the United Nations, special attention was given to support actions for plant biodiversity conservation and to promote studies on the climate change effects on high mountain flora in the Himalaya. For these reasons a research agreement between Ev-K2-Cnr and Nast (Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) was signed, on November 16, 2010, for the establishment of the NasT/Ev-K2-Cnr Himalayan Seed Bank and related research activities.

Finally, in the framework of the World Meteorological Organization, on 2010, the Share stations Nco-P and Ico-Ov (Italian Climate Observatory 'O. Vittori', Mt. Cimone - Italy) have been upgraded as the 33rd and the 34th Gaw Global stations.


Fonte: Francesca Steffanoni, Progetto Everest-K2-Cnr, email francesca.steffanoni@evk2cnr.org