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N. 12 - 11 set 2013
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The Embo meeting 2013

Predisposition to cancer and other diseases, genetic testing and infectious proteins. These are some of the topics internationally renowned speakers will tackle at the Embo Meeting 2013 to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 21-24 September 2013.

Sir Michael Stratton, director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Kári Stefánsson, chief executive officer of deCode Genetics, and Thijn Brummelkamp, group leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and winner of the 2013 Embo Gold Medal, will discuss 'The future of cancer genomics' in an exclusive press conference for journalists and science writers from 11-12 am on Monday 23 September.

On the same day, Anne Glover, chief scientific adviser to José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, will be talking to journalists in a 'meet the press' event at 6.00 pm.   

Sessions on epigenetics, vaccines, stem cell signalling and European science policy are also part of the programme.

The Embo meeting first took place in Amsterdam in 2009, when the conference attracted more than 1300 participants from 50 countries. Attendees at this year’s meeting will include researchers at all stages of their scientific career. Policy makers, editors, career advisors, journalists, science bloggers and exhibitors from industry will also be attending the conference.

This year edition will offer plenaries and concurrent sessions by first-rate speakers. Media participants will have multiple opportunities to cover news and also gather ideas for future stories.

The full programme is available at www.the-embo-meeting.org. Online press registration and more information for journalists is available at: www.the-embo-meeting.org/press.html.

The abstract book will be emailed to registered participants and journalists two weeks before the conference starts. Interview opportunities can be arranged prior to the conference or on site, beginning on Saturday evening after the opening address. 

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