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N. 4 - 29 feb 2012
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Justice system: the best practices  

'Resource Guide on Strengthening Judicial Integrity and Capacity' is a book published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and by the Cnr-Research Institute on Judicial Systems (Cnr-Irsig). Contemporary experts provide ideas, recommendations and strategies developed on judicial and legal reform, including reference to successful measures taken in a range of countries to address particular challenges in strengthening the justice system. Applied researchers and seasoned practitioners have contributed to a large and growing literature addressing judicial reform efforts. Similarly, there are many valuable experiences and good practices from countries operating within a variety of legal contexts that are worthy of consideration across borders. As a result, this Guide brings together a comprehensive set of topics for discussion and strategic thinking.

It is structured by topics identified by the intergovernmental expert group, including: recruitment, professional evaluation and training of judges; function and management of court personnel; case and court management; access to justice and legal services; court transparency; assessment and evaluation of courts and court performance; and judicial codes of conduct and disciplinary mechanisms. To allow for flexibility and to reflect experiences from different legal systems and regions, emphasis was placed on good practices and lessons learnt from a wide range of countries and legal contexts. Each chapter contains also conclusions and recommendations for the development and implementation of the proposed reform measures.

The authors do not seek to cover every aspect related to the reform and strengthening of a country's justice system, nor does it intend to replace the vast array of complementary literature, research and reports that already exist, including those addressing specialized issues such as juvenile justice, pre-trial detention and human rights. Rather, this volume intends to contribute to the existing literature by providing a guide to target the core areas identified by the expert group as priorities in justice sector reform, and offer recommendations, core ideas and case studies for consideration in the development and implementation of national justice sector actions plans, strategies and reform programmes.

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Fonte: Francesco Contini, Istituto di ricerca sui sistemi giudiziari, Bologna, tel. 051/2756227, email francesco.contini@irsig.cnr.it