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N. 19 - 23 nov 2011
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Communicating Genetics Modified Organisms  

Munich hosted last 3-4 November a Trans-Cost workshop on the communication of GM food and crops. Cnr-Plant Genetics Institute (Igv) took part as coordinator of Cost Action FP0905. The aim of the meeting was to develop strategies for successful communication in the food sector. In order to reach this goal, social scientists and communication specialists offered their knowledge on the value-laden risk and benefit communication and provided space for the participants from the different Cost Actions to utilize the information for the development of communication strategies.

The ongoing debate on GM food and crop demonstrates that food is an extremely sensitive issue. This is also due to associated intuitions, interwoven emotions, worldviews, cultural traditions, attitudes. Learning from the GM debate, it is plausible to argue that other novel biotechnological strategies, even non-transgenic methods, are likely to be regarded as problematic risk technologies. Within the two-day workshop, the organizers supported the group's work in a solution oriented manner.

The results of the Trans-Cost teamwork will be presented in a brief report and will summarize the main ideas and outcome.

Fonte: Cristina Vettori, Istituto di genetica vegetale, Sesto Fiorentino, tel. +39 055 5225729, email cristina.vettori@cnr.it